Stone Animal Figure

Now you can install the mini zoo in your home with the help of our artisans. Asian Stone Craft Studio has around 30+ Stone Animal Figures under our belts. So you can hold the best lifelike animals in your hand. From Lion Statue with Pedestal to Stone Peacock set statue, Cow with Cub Statue to Australian Kangaroo Statue, our artisans have meticulously handcrafted animal structures and figurines for interior and exterior decor. You can shop your favorite Stone Animal Figure in distinct sandstone materials. A handful of them are commissioned from Mint Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Beige Sandstone, Bansi Paharpur Pink Sandstone, etc. 

We are one of the reliable dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, who deal in all types of Stone Animal figures. Such is the craftsmanship quality at Asian Stone Craft Studio that these animals carved from the natural stone look as if they will come to life at any second. You can create an entire zoo of stone animals like cats, dogs, kangaroos, eagles, monkeys, elephants, peacocks, and more. Rest assured that each animal is shaped and carved to match the contours of the natural stone. These animal structures and figurines come in distinct shapes and sizes and can be used to adorn your interior as well as exterior space. 

Whisk through our vast collection of Stone Animal Figures listed below. You will get to see that there are 30+ Stone Animal Figures with smooth finishing. Also, you are allowed to customize your favorite Stone Animal Figure. Plus, we provide these animal figures upto 5 distinct colors. If you want to place an online order and expect lightning-fast delivery at your disposal, contact Asian Stone Craft Studio today!