Stone Statue

Are you also one of them who spends a lot of time in the yard or garden? Even though you might be happy with the overall design, do you think about adding something extra as a visual accent like a sculpture? If yes, then if you’re not sure where to begin, these simple guidelines encourage you to take the plunge and have found that perfect piece of sculpture for your yard.

• Sculpture Selection

There is a great way of outdoor art available for the garden. The most popular and affordable sculptures tend to be made from stone and marble. The natural stone or even carved marble sculptures are so appealing option because the weather is pleasing and can stay the same for many years.

Sculptures such as the stone gazebo are classic and timeless in their beauty. They don’t pose serious investment consideration for your garden if you are on a budget. Stone sculpture is common in residential yards and gardens. They can be the ideal garden centerpiece for those with a large estate.

Art made out of wood is also but these are usually considered secondary sculpture and less commanding than concrete, stone. The wood slowly blends into the natural surroundings and become covered with moss or lichen over time if you let it age naturally. Regardless of what type of sculpture you want up for you, it should be of stone or marble so you don’t have to worry much about maintenance.

Granite sculpture is made from an igneous rock with a variegated texture and no overall crystalline structure. It is very heavy and difficult to work on granite but it makes a durable basis for statuary that ancient sculptors used for important religious, political, and funerary statues.

  • Installation

The key consideration in acquiring any stone statue in the yard is safety. The sculpture is immovable and weighs great pounds or more. All sculpture needs to be situated on leveled ground. Also, the desired spot for the sculpture should not be uneven. It must have a solid, level foundation for it and may even need to pour a concrete base for support.

  • Maintenance

Stone fountain and stone sculpture don’t require much maintenance at all unless you want it to always look clean and polished. You need to contact a professional company for cleaning the sculpture in your garden. The professional one will take all precautions and don’t scratch the surface. Many people consider that outdoor sculpture can change with weather naturally as they believe nature changes everything with time.

The prime objective is to make any sculpture secure from any danger and enhance the beauty of the surrounding. When the sculpture is successfully installed in the garden, you might consider adding some visual enhancements to the location.

Asian Statues and Sculpture comes with its unique blend of rich colors and inspirational themes, Asian décor is a popular choice for decorating one’s home or garden. You can add a base of red volcanic rocks or crushed gravel or a circular arrangement of seasonal flowers. A simple approach will yield to the most effective results and avoid distracting the eye with too many focal points.