Stone Circle Paving

Natural stone circle paving is the paving that is done outdoors and is often used for patios, driveways, and pavements. They are not equivalent to concrete products at a manufacturing plant and is instead mined. Outdoor paving stones are comprised of a variety of natural stone including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone slabs.

Why Natural Paving’s stone landscaping is more attractive than concrete equivalents?

Each piece of natural stone comes with has a unique blend of color. They have natural tones that make the garden, driveway, or landscape complete. They completely are unlike manufactured colored concrete where all pieces are identical. The color in natural stone cannot compete with the pigmented concrete and this is what makes the natural stone more attractive. Natural stone also retains its look over time. They are opposed to concrete which is manufactured from composite aggregate mixes that become exposed after some years of trafficking.

What is a natural stone made of?

Natural stone occurs naturally during its rock cycle. The minerals in stone come from the liquid and gas particles present on the earth. Over several years, a combination of heat and intense pressure generated from the earth’s core created blocks of natural stone including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, onyx, and slate.

Natural circle paving stones can utilize stone from any one of these categories:

  • Granite

Granite paving stones are good for the outdoors because they are hard-wearing. All the credit goes to high integral strength and density which also makes them easy to maintain.

  • Limestone

They are majorly used in the stone pavement because it comes in an array of beautiful and unique color variations.

  • Sandstone

Sandstone slabs are most commonly used for pavements and patios and in back gardens

What use stone paving?

We use stone for paving because it is sturdy by nature and can bear heavy loads easily. This not only makes it well-suited for walking on but also for running or sports. They are so durable that they are enough to be used for a driveway. They are used around the pool so when you want your feet to grip anti-slip paving, and natural stone can help with that.

With this, you can make a beautiful walkway or courtyard. They look impressive at the outdoor fireplace also. Asian natural stone paving contains interlocking stones that are not at all slippery, even when wet. Our natural stone paving slabs are more suited around swimming or paddling pools than others.

Granite pavers and sandstone pavers are anti-skid, while sandstone can be installed with a coarse surface. There may also be thermal finishing to make the stone surface rugged and anti-slip for walkways.

Natural stone pavers are easy to clean. You can sweep it in the way you like without having to worry about scratches. Also, you can clean the stains too without much effort. There are various types of natural stone to choose from for paving, choose the one that suits your surrounding. The paving stone prices may vary from dealer to dealer and you can buy the one that suits your budget.