Stepping Stones

Garden is a place to take a stroll when it is good weather. Sitting in your garden and reading some books or listening to music is good for your health. However, roaming around nature by stamping the grass is not a good idea. Regular roaming in the garden can injure the grass and spoil the garden’s health. So, the best way is to add stepping stones in or around the garden. The landscape stepping stones pathway is highly appreciated as it is a true work of art.

The stepping stones in the garden have long been a favorite choice of the people. The primary benefits of natural stone walkways are easy to install, durable, and versatile. What makes them more attractive is its porous nature. The stone has the capacity to withstand wet weather.

It is a beautiful concept of having lawn stepping stones. Inside a garden, their installation is done in a way that makes anyone (even kids) easy to walk on them. The gap between each stone is equal and filled with grass, which makes it look even more natural.

If you consider the price, then laying stepping stones requires less material and cost to create the path. The natural stones are anti-skid and safe for a garden pathway as they provide the desired finish and texture to suit surroundings.

Different Shapes for Wonderful Stepping Stones

There are a number of ways on how you can be creative in constructing walkway stepping stones with natural stones of different shapes and patterns in your garden. Here are some enthralling design ideas to make your garden a heavenly place to spend time.

  1. Circular/Oval Stepping Stones

Circular or oval-shaped stepping stones are best when laid on the lush green pasture to offer a smooth-looking walkway. Spherical stones of various shapes can be used to create the best pathways.

  1. Irregular Stepping Stones

A stepping stone with irregular shape endows more of a natural landscape to the garden. It appears as if it is a natural walking stone in the garden blending seamlessly with the green pasture. Use irregular stepping stones of different sizes and enhance the natural look of your garden.

  1. Crushed Stepping Stones

By crushed we don’t mean it literally. The crushed stones like pebbles, gravels, and boulders are also a creative option as backyard stepping stones. For installation, the pebbles and gravels are sorted carefully and arranged in a round-shaped stepping stone. This gives the stone step a unique and enchanting look to a garden. Similarly, boulders of different sizes are treated accordingly to construct beautiful natural stone walkways out of it. Going a different way, a mixture of stepping brick and stepping pads can also give an attractive look.

  1. Rectangular/ Square Stepping Stones

Rectangular or square-shaped stepping stone with a symmetrical or asymmetrical walkway is another great idea of landscape stepping stones. The stepping stones laid in a zig-zag manner give an amusing appearance and feel to the walker.

Besides, a narrow straight line, heart-shaped stepping stones is a good choice depending on the layout of the garden. Sandstone, granite, and slate offer a stunning look and feel to such walkways surrounded by colorful herbs and shrubs. Lay the stones along the planned path and choose the best company that provides you the best stepping stones. Asian provides you various designs and natural textures stepping stone walkways that are inexpensive and easy to save your lawn wear and tear.