Stone Coping

When you want to protect the brickwork from the weather damaging effects it is better to go for coping stones. It is the most popular and effective way to protect your beautiful walls. They can be installed on the tops of free-standing walls to protect them from any damage.  Coping stones have to perform a vital task to prevent the penetration of rainwater into the walls of your garden.

Not only for the garden walls but they can protect the actual structure of a wall that weighs down the courses and bonding the faces together.  This helps you to allow the wall to settle and become a solid unit. If you don’t use stone coping in your front garden’s wall, there are chances that it may simply flake away. Choosing the perfect copings for your wall is important and they can fit in seamlessly with your house environment.

Different Types Of Coping Stone

  • Twice weathered Coping

It has a ridge in the top middle. This is to allow water to flow to both sides. They are widely used on garden walls and balustrades where water does not need to run as directed in a specific direction.

  • Once weathered Coping

They have slopes on one way where the coping stones are often used. They are installed on the walls at the top of buildings. They are installed by keeping the slope usually directed inwards towards the building. This allows the water to run into internal guttering.

  • Flat Coping

They are not exclusively used on gable ends and the runoff is catered for the slope of the roof. The flat coping has a chamfer on the top edge that provides it an extra appeal.

  • Curved Coping

Coping stones are designed for curved walls with almost any radius. If the wall is not to a constant radius then the curve with a horizontal or a vertical plane.

Coping stones protect the wall from weather damage and give it an aesthetically pleasing finish. They provide a perfect match for the style in all the widths and lengths.  We offer a huge range of copings of stone with an array of sizes and colors. Asian will always help you to find the right copings for your wall in whatever be the width of your wall, we will suggest a suitable width of coping.

Stone coping is known as the ideal finishing touch for building a wall. They are often called the defining factor for the wall’s overall look. If you want to create a better look to create a wall this will compliment the style and aesthetic of your garden.

Asian provides a wide range of best quality natural coping stones in different shapes and sizes. Whether you want to make building walls more traditional or ok with something contemporary, we have the solution for you. Our natural coping stones come in the highest quality that finishes off any wall with a beautiful look. Copings stones also serve as separators for sections of your garden and are popularly used as lawn edging stones.