Kerb Stone

Natural stones are considered to be the most durable and therefore they always a natural choice for Kerb Stones. Granite kerbs and sandstone kerbs are the most popular choice. Nowadays the kerbstone price is dressed to a standard profile. They come in various lengths so that you can get the right Kerbs according to your needs. They are available in various ranges from Granite, Sandstones & Limestones kerbing complement that enhance the block paving solutions.

Natural stone driveways are made from the best kerbstone for the road. There are different types of curbstones that are available in a wide range of colors to suit your requirements. Well suited traditional and a natural stone kerb will improve the appeal and add value to your home. The curb stone price depends upon the manufacturers and the quality of raw material they are using.

Different types of Kerbs:

  • Mountable Kerbs

They are known as low Kerbs and they promise the traffic to remain in the traffic lanes and also make the driver be in the restricted area. This Kerb stone allows the vehicle to climb easily because of its height of about 10 cm above the edge. They are mainly laid at medians and channelization schemes; it also helps in longitudinal drainage.

  • Semi-Barrier type Kerbs

These kerbs are laid where the pedestrian traffic is high. They have a height of approx 15 cm above the pavement edge. These Kerbs prevent trespassing of parking vehicles. Also, with slight difficulty, it is possible to drive on these Kerbs in case of emergency.

  • Barrier-type Kerbs

Roads safety becomes better with the barrier type Kerbs and this is one of the reasons behind its construction. These kerbs often alarm vehicles from leaving the pavement. You will find them at areas with less pedestrian traffic.

  • Submerged Kerbs

Submerge Kerbs are preferred in rural roads and they are provided at pavement edges. The stability to the pavement is its promising feature.

  • Extruded Kerbs

On straight highways, this Kerb edging is commonly used. They are laid by a slip-form paver maker makes the Kerb using its machine.


Asian provides the best quality kerbstone that is durable, weather-resistant, with excellent design, and provides the best functionality. Kerbstones are available in different colors such as white, black, yellow, red, grey, brown, rusty, etc. Choose the color that you want and its size will be customized according to your requirements.