Stone Pillars

We all have seen and got amazed to see that buildings once stood in magnificent stature a long time ago and now only the pillars remain standing. This is before 500 years and still stone pillars are being used till now. The earlier building had pillars that were long enough to reach into the sky for a long period of time. Because of this, these magnificent buildings looked like many years ago.

Nowadays pillars used are not so tall and there are various sizes available. Companies are now supplying stone pillars in various sizes and specifications to fulfill individual customer requirements. Each stone used in the pillar is unique in its character and properties and hence variation must be expected.

The granite columns are being used in many places. Stone Pillar art is best used as decorative landscaping stones. The columns come in various sizes so that it can fit in homes, porch area, artificial, outer space, swimming pool area, outhouses, terrace, elevation area, exterior,  interior,  and gardens. Stone Pillars are used for various interior designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost.

If you will notice the style and appearance of stone posts have altered throughout the years. In modern scaping, square or round stone supports are used for numerous functional and decorative purposes. Sometimes stone columns hold up the box and usually have an address sign affixed to their front. Stone posts are used to emphasize a driveway entrance and may stand-alone or with a lamp on top and or an attached fence.

Taller stone pillars often serve as a decorative colonnade. This can be in front of a portico and often serve as its support as well. Stone columnar arrangements can be installed in the home’s interior adding more boldness to basements, kitchens, and dining areas. You can frame fireplaces, cooking areas, and televisions area with beautiful marble columns. Their shape varies according to the area. The most commonly used are rounded, square, tapered, or short (piers). They are often topped with electric light or another type of decoration or sculpture. You can choose your favorite in color, tone, marking, and texture.

Exterior Columns

The exterior use for columns is also prominent. There are custom sizes that can be made from granite. Other materials are also used to give staggered look or uniform appearance for repeat pieces or complementary ones, as you prefer.

Interior Columns

Stone columns are used to increase load-bearing capacity and reduce settlement. They accelerate soil consolidation as a result of the drainage capacity of the granular materials within the columns act as pore or water pressure evacuation points. Stone columns are particularly effective for improving slope stability and preventing liquefaction by increasing shear strength within the soil.

Stones most commonly used for creating pillars are included sandstone, brick, natural stone, river rock, brown granite, and quartz. Each type of stone carries some unique characteristics and they carry their own natural color. If you want to pick a column then you can buy a pink marble column.

Asian has a wide range of stone columns available in different colors from which white marble and yellow column are customers’ favorite. Our beautiful and affordable columns available in different designs of flowers and many other shapes carved on them. Choose the beautifully carved column to add a different look to the area.