What are the Best Places to Keep Buddha Statues in Home?

Posted on: 23 Mar 2022
Stone Buddha Statue

Some of the most incredible handmade and artisanal Buddhist sculptures from around Asia have been collected by collectors who appreciate Asian culture, are interested in the sculpture’s historical relevance, or just admire its aesthetic qualities. If you are amongst one of those people, you are at the right place. Asian Stone Craft Studio is one of the leading manufactures, suppliers, exporters, tranders, wholesalers of the Stone Buddha Statue for home, garden, outdoor space. Coming to the point, this article will redirect you to the information regarding the Vastu recommended places to keep the Stone Buddha statue there.

What are Buddha Sculptures in General? 

Buddhists see Buddha sculptures to convey various aspects of the Buddha’s teachings via a visual depiction of those teachings. Compassion, personal development, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions are some of the core ideas of Buddhism. Having a stone Buddha statue in your home will help devotees of Buddhism keep their focus on these teachings daily. Those who want to demonstrate their reverence for the Buddha might lay little presents like flowers or food around the statue.

There are many ways to benefit from having a stone Buddhist statue in your house or workplace, regardless of whether or not you believe in the teachings of Buddhism. If you talk about the best Stone Buddha Statues at Asian Stone Craft Studio, you can pick from the Buddha Face Yoga Mudra, Meditation Buddha White Statue, Buddha Dhyan Mudra Statue, Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue, etc. 

Why Place a Stone Buddha Statue in Home?

The stone Buddha statue is a pristine emblem of tranquility and harmony in all of its expressions. The experts in Vastu say that having a stone Buddha idol in your home can help you achieve tranquility and harmony in your life. There is a wide range of stone Buddha statues at Asian Stone Craft Studio that can be utilized in various contexts, such as in the most opulent residences.

If you want to improve your mental health tranquility, Vastu suggests that you place Buddha statues in different parts of your home. This is because the conditions in which we live directly bear on how secure and content we feel. At the beginning of every trip, we always stop at the entrance. 

You will protect your house from negative energies by placing a stone Buddha statue depicting a blessing image at the front door. One hand is used to bless people, while the other is used to safeguard one’s environment. Instead of placing a Buddha on a floor, it is advised that a distance of three to four feet be maintained.

Types of Stone Buddha Statues 

When it comes to ensuring the proper type is put in the exact area, the tiniest details must be paid attention to. Here we bring to you the best Stone Buddha Statue for home. A few of the below mentioned Stone Buddha idols are available at Asian Stone Craft Studio while a few are just for your reference. Continue reading. 


  1. Buddha Face Yoga Mudra
face yoga mudra stone buddha statue
face yoga mudra stone buddha statue

The Mahayana school of Buddhism, which emphasizes compassion for all sentient beings, frequently uses the Buddhist mudra known as dhyana (or meditation mudra). Place your right hand on top of your left, palms facing up and thumbs lightly touching to produce this hand gesture. When the thumbs of men and women contact, it represents the union of mind, body, and soul for both sexes. Typically, this mudra is shown with the hands resting on one’s chest or lap. Having this mudra in your meditation room is a good idea since it is related to contemplation and contemplation. As you put the Stone Buddha statue for home decoration, you can expect the best outcomes also. And yes, you can shop the Buddha Face Yoga Mudra at Asian Stone Craft Studio. 


  1. Buddha Lotus Statue
buddha lotus statue
buddha lotus statue

The abundant growth of this plant makes it a frequent subject of Buddhist art and literature as a symbol of purity dating back to the period before the Buddha. Although its roots are submerged in muddy water, the lotus flower rises above the muck to bloom with a delicate scent. Enlightenment is symbolized by a lotus flower that has completely blossomed, while a closed bud signifies a time before that. There are flowers whose petals are just half-open, and their centers are hidden to suggest that enlightenment is out of grasp. We often compare the mud that nourishes our roots to the sludge that fills the rest of our lives. 

We want to burst free and bloom in our human experiences and sorrows, and here is where we discover ourselves. However, roots and stems remain in the muck where we spend our days, even as the bloom rises above. The Zen poet haiku, “May we dwell in dirty water with purity, like a lotus,” wishes us all well. To rise above the muck and bloom, one must have whole faith in oneself, one’s practice, and the Buddha’s teachings. Aside from expressing purity and enlightenment, the lotus also symbolizes faith. So it goes without saying that buying a Buddha Lotus Statue for a garden made from Kota Brown Stone is one of the best choices you can make. 


  1. Meditation Buddha White Statue
white stone buddha statue
white stone buddha statue

A mint sandstone-made meditation Buddha white statue is a wonderful addition for those who like the peaceful feeling of wandering around their garden at night. You can shop the same and place your order online at Asian Stone Craft Studio website. To begin, use Vastu principles to place a stone Buddha statue in a clean area of your yard. Afterward, you will feel more at ease and relaxed when strolling around your garden. You can also use aromatic candles or sticks while meditating to help you create a more peaceful state of mind. The Buddha’s meditation position is the best choice if you want to cultivate inner peace. His hands are lying on his lap as he reclines with both legs folded in front of him. The eyes of Buddha are either closed entirely or partially while he concentrates intensely.

The Stone Buddha Idol for Home Decor can be placed in any room in the house that is peaceful. There is also the option of purchasing a Buddha statue. To sit and meditate or just relax, a pooja room, for example, would be great. Make your house or workplace more tranquil by lighting candles or incense sticks.


  1. Buddha Dhyana Mudra
buddha dhyana mudra
buddha dhyana mudra

Using the tips of both thumbs and index fingers, this mudra forms a circle around the hands. The Wheel of Dharma, or the convergence of skill and knowledge in metaphysical terms, is shown by this circle. On the left hand, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are shown by extending their fingers to symbolize the Buddhist Three Jewels. When the hands are held in this mudra squarely in front of the heart, it is a powerful symbol that the Buddha’s teachings have come straight from the heart.

Buddha Vairochana (the first Dhyani Buddha) is shown in this mudra. Every one of the five Dhyani Buddhas is tied to a certain human illusion, and it is believed they help mortals overcome their illusions. As a result, it is considered that Vairochana will be able to transform the illusion of ignorance into the knowledge of reality. He demonstrates the Dharmachakra mudra to help adepts shift between states. You can shop for the Buddha Dhyana Mudra stone idol at Asian Stone Craft Studio at the best price. The same is made from the rainbow sandstone and can be customized with the other natural sandstones too. 


  1. Buddha Vishram Mudra
Buddha Vishram Mudra
Buddha Vishram Mudra

In accordance with Vastu, a stone statue of a Buddha with the Buddha Vishram Mudra in the living room should have its right arm bending toward the right. The face of God’s wisdom should face west, while the remainder of the idol should face east. A table or stool of your choice is ok. As a result of this, your house will be peaceful, and you will be surrounded by love and joy. If you want to relax your mind and body, go for the Stone Buddha Vishram Mudra in the garden. 

Having riches stay in one’s own house is also important. During the worship service, you might use this to aid your meditation. According to Vastu, Buddha’s statue should face east when installed in the home’s temple. The statue should be at or near your eye level, apart from that. Below that level, it is not a good idea. For those who view it, seeing a statue of Lord Buddha in a home’s temple fosters a good outlook and a feeling of mental tranquility.


  1. Bhumisparsha Buddha
Budha Bhumisparsh Mudra
Budha Bhumisparsh Mudra

One of the most well-known mudras is bhumisparsha, or “ground touch.” Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha, is often shown with this mudra while seated in meditation. The palm of the right-hand faces inward, fingers pointing downward and “touching the ground.” This is the right-hand salutation. The dhyana (meditation) mudra is made with the left hand. While in meditation, the Buddha used this mudra to touch the earth. The earth felt our presence and saw our reawakening. 

This mudra can be used in every room of the home since the Buddha makes touches with the dirt. It’s also a good location since it’s associated with the earth element. If that type of Stone Buddha Statue is what you need, you can buy mint sandstone made Bhumisparsha Buddha mudra statue at Asian Stone Craft Studio. 


  1. Laughing Buddha 

Vastu Shastra recommends that the laughing Buddha be exhibited in every home as a sign of wealth. Signs of pleasure and the buildup of positive sentiments are possible. Setting a Laughing Buddha statue in the right spot might attract the right cosmic energy and ease your worries. Having a statue of the Laughing Buddha in your home is seen to be a sign of good fortune since it is considered to be able to lift one’s spirits and make one happier. That being said, the correct location must be chosen. 

Outside your home, the Buddha isn’t considered a good thing. Buddha statues are perfect for decorating any space.  Vastu dictates that the statue should be displayed in the living room. Keep in mind that the height of the smiling Buddha statue in your home should be at least at eye level or a little higher. Because the statue is a revered idol, you should avoid looking at it from above. The Stone Buddha statue at the home entrance is the best decision.


  1. Earth Touching Buddha

In the Bhumisparsha mudra, the Buddha, or more specifically the real Shakyamuni Buddha, is shown lying on his back with his right hand hanging over his right knee. While his left hand is lying on his lap, the palm faces up. This motion symbolizes Buddha’s awakening, in which he asserts his enlightenment and declares the earth to be a witness to it. An army of demons and monsters—including his own children—is said to have been sent by the demon Mara to persuade him to abandon his meditation under the Bodhi tree. 

Demon king Mara claimed the throne of lighting, and his army of demons claimed to be the eyewitnesses to Mara’s illumination. Siddhartha was then questioned by Mara about the witness. He then extended his right hand to touch the ground, and it is said that the earth cried out, “I bear you testimony!” as he did so. The Demon King disappeared because he had heard the rumbling emanating from the earth. According to certain sources, this particular mudra represents the Buddha’s triumph over Mara and his evil army and his unwavering or steadfastness while meditating under the Bodhi tree.


  1. Sitting Buddha Statue

The most common representation of the Buddha is in the seated posture. These Buddha statues can be used for teaching, meditation, or searching for enlightenment. A sitting Buddha’s use of hand gestures, called mudras, is crucial to understanding his or her message. By making a call to account with his right hand and left palm in the bhumisparsha mudra, the Buddha shows the world that he is calling all of creation to account.

There are three different ways to find the Buddha seated: virasana, vajrasana, and pralambanasana (the lotus posture) (the lotus pose). Hero’s pose or half lotus is a variant of this position with the legs crossed over each other with the sole of one foot pointed upward. Known variously as the adamant stance, lotus pose, or diamond pose, the yoga asana Vajrayana involves folding the legs over and turning the soles of the feet upwards. The Large Stone Big Buddha Statues is available in this pose.


  1. Walking Buddha

The left leg of his plinth is slightly raised, his right hand is raised in Abhaya mudra, and the left hand is gracefully extended alongside his body. His sangha is draped over the left shoulder and flares down to a gently rolling hemline. His face has a graceful expression, his eyes are inset with mother-of-pearl, and he has a bow-shaped mouth and an aquiline nose. His hair is tightly curled and rises to a dome Buddha, and his followers spread the teachings of the Middle Way across the countryside after the first sermon.

Instead of giving lectures, he let his students form their own ideas via discourses followed by discussions and questions. People listening to his teachings learned many vital lessons from his interactions with the socially marginalized members of society. According to legend, he also performed numerous miracles. An image of it is shown in the sculpture.

Wrapping Up

Folks, when are you ordering some stone Buddha Statue right away to see the magic of Buddhism unfold in your space? 

Faqs about Stone Buddha Statue

  • Who are the reliable Stone Buddha Statue manufacturers in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana? 

Ans: Asian Stone Craft Studio is a reliable Stone Buddha manufacturer near you. We have an Indian presence when it comes to supplying, exporting the distinct types of Stone Buddha Statue. 

  • What is the latest price of the Stone Buddha Statue?

Ans: The Stone Buddha Statue at Asian Stone Craft Studio starts from INR 9,000 onwards per product and goes up to 2,00,000. However, the final price will depend on the product dimensions. 

  • Can I shop at the Stone Buddha Statue with a waterfall? 

Ans: Yes, at Asian Stone Craft Studio, you can shop Stone Buddha Statue with a waterfall. Feel free to customize your Stone Buddha Statue.

  • What are the benefits of the Stone Buddha Statue? 

Ans: You will invite positive energy, happy vibes, and peace if you place the Stone Buddha Statue in your house.