Tips and Benefits of Keeping Stone Buddha Statue in Home

Posted on: 24 Mar 2022
Stone Buddha Benefits

Having a Buddha Statue for home at the place of worship is common practice for Buddhists and all sorts of people. Simultaneously, placing the stone Buddha Statue in the home has various calming impacts that make it easier for people to concentrate. Moreover, you can put it on your desk in an East-facing location to represent eternal knowledge and enlightenment. As a result, you will be able to achieve mental peace and preserve your aura. 

Another alternative is to decorate your pooja room with a picture of a meditating Buddha. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the enlightened Guru should be placed at eye level. Also, placing him below the level of the eyes is considered inauspicious. If that sounds like what you need, look no further than Asian Stone Craft Studio. We are one of the best Stone Buddha manufacturers near you with an Indian presence. 

What Vastu Shastra Says for Placing Buddha Statue for Home?

According to Vastu Shastra, the Buddha Statue for home is a sign of good fortune and should be placed prominently in every home. One can easily experience the pleasure and the buildup of positive sentiments are possible. Installing a Laughing Buddha statue in the right area will help ease all of your worries. Continue reading to find out the Vastu tips in brief in context to placing Buddha idol. Now lend us your ears to read about the purpose of the Buddha statue. 

Having a stone Buddha Idol for Home is considered a good omen since it is thought to remove all of one’s sorrows. That being said, the correct location must be chosen. Also, some believe that keeping the Buddha outside your home is bad luck. A stone Buddha statue adorns the wall in a room. Well, if you take a look at what Vastu dictates, you will get to see that the statue should be displayed in the living room. All of your weak points will be strengthened, and your home’s positivity will rise if you have a Buddha statue in your home. 

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Importance of Buddha Statue

For Buddhists and religious buffs, different types of stone Buddha idols have particular places in their hearts. They not only represent their teacher, the Buddha, but they also encourage and push their followers to follow the path of Dhamma. The same also involves daily meditation practice. Chiefly, it is possible to find stone Buddha statues near you in a wide range of diverse postures. If you want to shop Buddha Statues made from stone, look no further than Asian Stone Craft Studio.  We will show you the distinct aspects of Buddhist spirituality via a range of stone Buddha idols. 

In general, there are many Stone Buddha decor ideas. Birth tranquillity is all shown in the stone Buddha statues, as well. Individuals are encouraged by Buddhism and Buddha statues to develop their inner qualities and character traits. This, in turn, allows them to enjoy life more fully, joyfully, and peacefully.

As far as we know, there’s a phrase out there that says something like this: “To have a stone Buddha statue prominently displayed in your home or place of business would be a wonderful gesture. As a result, you better understand your own abilities and the inspiration you need to stay motivated daily.”

Stone Buddha Statue for Living Room Decor 

Also, the Stone Buddha Idol for Living Room Decor serves as more than just physical reminders of what he looked like. They also serve as symbols of the Buddha’s teachings, good fortune, inner tranquillity, and inspiration for anybody who sees or comes into touch with them. In the Buddhist world, chanting or praying in front of a Buddha statue is supposed to offer a feeling of joy to the mind, heart, and soul. As both a name and a title, Buddha statues signify the road one might pursue to understand life’s most fundamental truths.

People are reminded of their pledges to continue their spiritual and meditation practices when they are in the presence of a Living room Buddha statue. When it comes to buying Buddha statues made from stone, you can’t go wrong. They purify the mind, instill a feeling of tranquillity within oneself, and motivate one to overcome negative emotions like fear and greed.

If you look at the outcome, elevated state of mind,  a better concentration is the USP. According to the Buddhist doctrine, a Buddha statue is the most effective tool for instilling self-control and serenity of mind. Plus, people believe that those who keep Buddha idols in their houses will walk easily on the spiritual path.  At the same time, if you place the Buddha idol close to you, chances are high you will be blessed with positive energy.

Stone Buddha Statue for Mindfulness Activities

Meditation practitioners benefit psychologically and spiritually by gazing at the Buddha statue as a gift. People who are dedicated to meditative practices adore the Buddha in a meditation state. One can observe that Buddha achieved enlightenment via meditation. So it is thought that Buddha Statues too will aid in meditators’ ability to stay focused and progress to the next level. You can place the Stone Buddha Statue for mindfulness activities in your yoga, meditation room. 

Statues of Stone Buddha are being offered as a token of Gratitude

Did we mention that you can give Buddha Statues as a gift or token of gratitude to your friends? If you have near or dear ones around you interested in antique sculptures or meditation,  think about stone Buddha idols. Even you can present the Buddha idols of stone for living room decoration ideas.

If you are in quest of manifesting harmonious life, think of placing the Buddha sculptures in your space. As a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer of Stone Buddha Statue near you, we have vast collections of stone idols of Buddha. You can even place your order online to gift the same to your near or dear ones. Now that Buddha Statue’s big-size online sales are there, look no further than Asian Stone Craft Studio.

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Tips for Keeping Stone Buddha Statue in Home

1. Protection from harm is provided by a Buddha statue

It is possible to observe the Buddha statue of protection in a sitting or a standing posture. When the right hand is raised, Lord Buddha is raining his blessings on the audience members. Consider placing the statue in a room or setting that you feel might use extra good vibe energy. The Stone Buddha statue at the home entrance can also be perfect. If the door is shut and closed, all dangerous elements will be kept at bay.

2. Statue of Buddha lying down

The Nirvana Buddha Idol Statue is recommended to be positioned with their backs to the west and their inclinations to the right. The last moments of Lord Buddha’s life, when he is freed from the cycle of rebirth and death, are shown in the reclining Buddha. People need to seek inner peace, symbolised by the reclining Buddha.

3. Statue of Buddha in a contemplative mood

With his hands resting in his lap, the Lord Buddha is enshrined in meditation in a lotus attitude. Serenity and tranquillity are symbolized by the statue of the meditating Buddha. This statue should be kept at home in your meditation room or corner, but you can also keep it in your prayer room.

4. Praying Buddha’s statuette

Ideally, you would like a Buddha statue in your space, ideally depicting him in lotus posture with his hands folded in reverence. Keeping all statues, including the praying Buddha, at eye level is important.

What You Need to Know Before Moving the Lord Buddha Statue

The Lord Buddha Statue should never be placed on the floor and should always be kept at a height out of your line of vision. Refrigerators and other significant appliances should not be kept near a Lord Buddha statue. Big items in the room suppress the pleasant vibrations. You can now easily buy Buddha statues, idols, and sculptures online.

Ensure that the statue is facing east at all times. If desired, it can be oriented north-easterly to increase the corner’s energy. You should never leave a Lord Buddha statue alone in the bathroom, storage, or laundry room. Avoid allowing dirt to build upon the statue at all costs. Position the Lord Buddha statue in the middle of the room, regarded as auspicious.

So We Are Saying….

Placing a Buddha statue in your house is considered a token of gratitude. If you want to manifest positive vibes harmoniously living in your home, check out the vast range of Stone Buddha Statues at Asian Stone Craft Studio. You can place an online order, too, as we are one of the reliable Stone Buddha Idols dealers in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc.