What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Stone Buddha Statue at Home?

Posted on: 18 Mar 2022
Stone Buddha Statue at Home

If you want to facilitate the inner peace within you to lead a happy life, you must know about the importance of the Buddha statue in the home. Those who keep Buddha statues at the home entrance allow positive vibes to sway around their space. Such positive vibes help you to stay energetic throughout the day. All you have to do is take care of the Buddha Statue in your home but make sure that you don’t be disrespectful regarding cleanliness. 

Coming to the point, Asian Stone Craft Studio has vast collections of Stone Buddha Statues in sleeping, praying, and meditation positions. According to the Vastu, you should place them facing the east corner. At the same time, you can choose to place the different buddha statues in the northeast direction too. Before you shop for the best Buddha statue for your home, garden, meditation space, let us be aware of why Buddha statues are good for your home. 

Significance of placing Buddha Statue at in Home

You would be amazed to know that laughing Buddha is associated with the 10th-century Chinese monk named Budai. If you look upon the characteristics, you will observe that the statue reminds people to be grateful and prosperous in life. In a nutshell, Indians associated different Buddha Statues with the Kubera (God of Wealth). 

6 Types of Stone Buddha Statue to Keep in Your Home 

Stone Buddha Statue at Home
Stone Buddha Statue at Home

Whisk through the best 6 types of Stone Buddha Statue at Asian Stone Craft Studio and place your order online. Scroll on!

God Buddha Stone Statue

Price of God Buddha Stone Statue: Starts at INR 9,000 

God Buddha Stone Statue

This is one of the best stone statues of Lord Buddha, where Buddha is seen in the sitting position. You will find the God Buddha Stone Statue made from the Agra Red Sandstone. The product comes in distinct sizes and weights. Plus, you can shop the God Buddha Stone Statue in 8 distinct colors. One thing is common – the smooth finishing. If you want to place an online order for God Buddha Stone Statue, call Asian Stone Craft Stone today! 

Buddha Face Yoga Mudra

Price of Buddha Face Yoga Mudra: Starts at INR 9,000 

Buddha Face Yoga Mudra

If you want to buy Buddha Face Yoga Mudra of excellent carving of mint sandstone, look no further than Asian Stone Craft Studio. We have the best natural stone quality Buddha Face Yoga Mudra for your residential or commercial space. The carving is excellent, and it comes in 8 distinct natural stone colors. The product weight of the same is around 27 kg, and the product is in smooth finishing. 

Buddha Lotus Statue

Price of Buddha Face Yoga Mudra: Starts at INR 72,000 

buddha lotus statue

Available in up to 8 colors and commissioned from Kota Brown Sandstone, Buddha Lotus Statue at Asian Stone Craft Studio is always in high demand. Thanks to the smooth finish our artisans provide to the Buddha Lotus Statue during the stone carving. This Buddha Statue features a space for the small waterfall too. You can do the lighting work around the waterfall below the Buddha’s neck. If you want to manifest the energy of protection and sense of deep inner security in your space, shop the Buddha Lotus Statue from Asian Stone Craft Studio at an affordable price. 

Marble Buddha Statue

Price of Marble Buddha Statue: Starts at INR 92,000 

In this mudra, the Lord Buddha sits with hands folded and legs folded. This type of Marble Buddha Idol comes in a glossy finish, and its weight could also be customized depending upon the usage and placement. Whether you want to place the Marble Buddha Statue in a conference room or living room, or garden space, Asian Stone Craft Studio artisans know the art of carving the Marble Buddha Statue as our artisans are from the art and craft villages of India, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar. 

Meditation Buddha White Statue

Price of Meditation Buddha White Statue: Starts at INR 135,000

meditation buddha white statue

If you want to manifest calm and peaceful vibes in your personal space, look no further than our Meditation Buddha White Statue. The same act will reward you with positive energies coping with the monotony of life. You can buy Meditation Buddha White Statue made from the Mint Sandstone in the smooth finish at the most competitive price only at Asian Stone Craft Studio. 

Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue

Price of Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue: Starts at INR 70,000

You would be amazed to know that placing Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue is considered a highly sacred activity for Buddhism people and everyone. It is because installing Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue injects the energies of positivity and calmness. And hence, you must go for placing an online order of Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue at Asian Stone Craft Studio. We have Beige Sandstone commissioned Buddha Vishram Mudra Statue in 8 distinct colors that will ace up your yoga, meditation, living, and guest room. The product comes in smooth finishing, and its weight size could be customized according to usage. 

Do you want to find out about the large collection of the Stone Buddha Statue? Don’t forget to check out our Stone Buddha Statue category. 

Faqs about Stone Buddha for Home

Q.. How to identify which Stone Buddha Statue you should choose for home?

Ans: Consider the space you have in your house when selecting the Stone Buddha idols for home. Moreover, your budget will play a crucial role too. 

Q.. What are some other types of Stone Buddha Statue available at Asian Stone Craft Studio? 

Ans: You can shop the Buddha Bhikshu Status, Buddha Dhammacakka Mudra Status, Buddha Dhyan Mudra Status, Buddha Vitarka Mudra Status from distinct types of sandstones only at Asian Stone Craft Studio. 

Q.. What is the starting price of the Stone Buddha idols at Asian Stone Craft Studio?

Ans: One can buy Stone Buddha idols or statues at Asian Stone Craft Studio starting at INR 9,000 onwards to up to 2 lakhs. 

Q.. What is the ideal place to locate the Laughing Buddha Stone Statue?

Ans: Place the Laughing Buddha Stone Statue in the east direction of the rising sun to reserve good fortune for your family and beloved ones. 

Q.. Does Asian Stone Craft Studio provide a Stone Buddha Statue for home?

Ans: Yes, you can shop the Stone Buddha Statue for a home, garden, even with a small waterfall facility at Asian Stone Craft Studio.