Reasons to Choose Natural Stones For Commercial or Residential Upgrade

Posted on: 12 Mar 2022
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You must know that natural stones are held high when it comes to decorating your residential commercial space. For many decades, their products have been used in architecture. The prime reason natural stone dealers near you provide natural stone products is that natural stone is a green material. Simultaneously, it reflects the grandeur and unique character too. At the same time, these products are quarried from the earth and now become one of the popular choices of architecture lovers. Mainly, they are used as historical landmarks. But with the constant surge of interior designing, natural stones are now used for interior designing too!

But are these the only reasons to choose natural stones? Continue reading to find out more reasons. But first, learn about: 

What is Natural Stone?

In simple words, natural stone refers to organic rock that is qualified from the earth. Now the same is used for construction and decorative purposes too. But the process of quarrying from the earth takes thousands of years. The most common ones include marble, granite, and sandstone. After being quarried directly from the Earth’s crust, the stone artisans process them into distinct sizes, finishes, and forms. For instance, Asian Stone Craft Studio has one of the best stone artisans from the native villages of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar. And hence, we are empowered to deliver, manufacture, and export the natural stones all across India. 

7 Top Reasons to Choose Natural Stones for Construction and Designing

1. Green Attributes

green attributes

A very handful of people know that natural stones like sandstone, granite, marble, limestone possess innate characteristics which contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Natural stones have low embodied energy because it is naturally occurring material. When you choose natural stone for your projects, you contribute to the environment and consciously work to better the environment. 

2. Durability

You would be stunned to know that natural stone exhibits durability quality not found in any other building material. For instance, granite is one of the durable and hardest natural stones. There is much evidence in India that suggests that buildings made from natural stone withstands still today. In a nutshell, natural stone is a testimony to superior quality and durability. 

3. Sustainability

Natural stone is one of the sustainable natural materials found on the earth. So it goes without saying that if you choose to install them in your space, you will make a sustainable choice. Also, they don’t contain any toxins or harmful chemicals. So, a healthy environment is the USP of natural stone. With ability and durability, you will eliminate the need for the product replacement as natural stone lasts for life like a deal. 

4. Usefulness

When you invest in any of the distinct products quarried from the earth, you enhance the value of your home’s commercial space. Such is the durability that natural stones don’t degrade over time. Roughly, they are expected to last for more than one decade. So it goes without saying that investing in the same is the right kind of payoff in the long run. 

5. Evergreen

Home decor products need constant upgrades with the ever-changing trends. But guess what? Natural stones have never gone out of fashion till now since centuries. You won’t have to give a second thought about replacing the natural stone as, like historical monuments, caretakers never think of replacing the natural stones with any other material. 

6. Easy to Maintain

Suppose, for instance, once Asian Stone Craft Studio experts properly install the natural stones in your space, we give you all the possible information about how to maintain those decorative art with ease.

7. Distinct Design

distinct designs

If you are intrigued with the concept of the versatility of the design, consider natural stones as a popular choice. Because that is what architects and interior designers do. They seem exceptional in terms of interior designing and styling with any of the design elements in your residence or commercial space. We personally like them because they can be customized to distinct shapes, sizes, and even on the client’s vision. 

Anything Else? 

If you want to craft your dreams with excellent quality natural stones close to you, look no further than Asian Stone Craft Studio. We are one of the leading, trustworthy natural stone suppliers, exporters, manufacturers close to you! At our doorsteps, you can place an online order for handicraft Buddha Statues, outdoor fountains, stone jharokhas of distinct sandstone materials. Whisk our website thoroughly to find out the best collection of carved stone artifacts, natural stones, stone railings, stone murals, and panels at pocket-friendly prices.