What Are the Different Types of Stone Gazebo You Can Shop Online?

Posted on: 21 Mar 2022

If you are looking to add some shades to your backyard, garden, resort, patio, or private terrace, you are at the right place. We are Asian Stone Craft Studio that sells the best Stone Gazebo.  At the same time, we also educate you about the Stone Gazebo ideas that will transform your space with an architectural perspective. Above all, when you add the Gazebo to your architecture, you install privacy and a unique shelter that protects you from the sun and the rainfall.  All things considered,  you can design your Gazebo space with modern and heritage twists combined. Lastly, our stone artisans will handcraft an excellent natural sandstone-made Stone Gazebo inspired by hut style, tree style, Italian style, Baradari style, Rajasthani style, etc.

5 Stone Gazebo to Shop Online from Asian Stone Craft Studio 

It goes without saying that Stone Gazebo ideas are a wonderful solution if you have some extra space in your house. You will be inspired to make Asian Stone Craft Studio your partner once you check out our list of the 5 best Stone Gazebo available at your disposal. Continue reading! 

  1. Mughal Style Mint Stone Baradari

Price: 740000

Mughal Style Mint Stone Baradari

Let the bygone era of Mughal reserve its space in your house or resort for weddings or gatherings. The Mughal Style Mint Stone Baradari will give you the reminiscence of the Mughal heydays. On the other hand, the product comes in a smooth finish and the stone carvings done on Mughal Style Mint Stone Baradari are next to perfection. 

2. Royal Style Red Sandstone Gazebo

Price: 1180000

Royal Style Red Sandstone Gazebo
Royal Style Red Sandstone Gazebo

Made from Agra Red Sandstone and comes in a smooth finish, the Royal Style Red Sandstone Gazebo brings the Agra to your space. By placing the order of the Royal Style Red Sandstone Gazebo in your favorite weight and size, you will receive the Gazebo made from Agra Red Sandstone in up to 7 colors. Most importantly, the product can be made for the outdoor area, terrace, garden space, etc. 

3. Jaisalmer Style Baradari 

Price: 640000

Jaisalmer Style Baradari
Jaisalmer Style Baradari

Designed to be commissioned by the Kaur Sahib Ranbir Singh in 1876, the concept of Bardari is nonetheless significant as a piece of colonial-inspired architecture. With time passing, the concept gets broadened and sprawls to Jaisalmer as well. During its heydays, the stone artisans in the Jaisalmer kingdom practiced stone art on that Baradari. This was used for the sitting purpose. In other words, now you can shop the Jaisalmer Style Baradari at our doorsteps in 8 distinct colors made from Jaisalmer Stone. However, the natural stone can be customized upon request. 

4. Rajasthani Style Stone Gazebo

Price: 920000

Rajasthani Style Stone Gazebo
Rajasthani Style Stone Gazebo

The architecture of Rajasthan leaves no stone unturned to entice people with its excellent stone carving. And guess what? Asian Stone Craft Studio has an excellent Rajasthani Style Stone Gazebo for you. Above all, the product is made from the Bansi Paharpur Pink Sandstone. In addition, you can customize the product to your required dimensions and weight. Plus, feel free to choose from 8 distinct colors. If you want to manifest the architecture of Rajasthan in your space, install the Rajasthani Style Stone Gazebo.  Similarly, the same will allow you to exchange talks over a star-studded sky or under the romantic downpour evening. 

5. Hut Style Stone Garden Gazebo 

Price: 425000

Hut Style Stone Garden Gazebo 
Hut Style Stone Garden Gazebo

Sometimes, we all wonder about Hut Style Stone Garden Gazebo for our garden, which we see in romantic movies. If you are one of those people, let Asian Stone Craft Studio handcraft the Pink and Agra Red Sandstone-made Hut Style Stone Garden Gazebo for you. With a smooth finish, you can customize the product according to your liking, including weight. 

Well, these are just a handful of the Stone Gazebo options you can choose from. If you want to browse the vast collection of the Stone Gazebo, check out our Stone Gazebo section and get amazed with tons of options.  Feel free to place your order online. 

Faqs about Stone Gazebo

  • Which style of Stone Gazebo is available at Asian Stone Craft Studio? 

Ans: You can shop various types of Stone Gazebo from Asian Stone Craft Studio. For instance, Tree Style Teak Wood Sandstone Gazebo, Portico Pillar Sandstone Gazebo, Square Modal Stone Gazebo, Heritage Style Stone Gazebo and many more. 

  • What’s the average cost of Stone Gazebo available at Asian Stone Craft Studio?

An: You can shop Stone Gazebo from Asian Stone Craft Studio starting from INR 80,000 onwards. However, this is just an estimated price, and a lot will depend upon your requirement. So obtain the non-obligation quote today. 

  • Can I customize my Stone Gazebo? 

Ans: Yes, when it comes to allowing costumes to customize their Stone Gazebo, Asian Stone Craft Studio will bombard you with multiple customization options.